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Candid photos of Shauna Sand on the beach with her boyfriend Lorenzo Lamas. See her changing clothes in public while covering her massive boobs with towel and fool around with Lorenzo in water, before getting fucked by his hard cock in their condo on Sex Tape

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Recent pic of Shauna Sand flashes her ass, which she gets fucked on tape, while wearing tiny black thong barely covered with her see-through net dress. It also looks like this celebrity cougar has already found and charmed with her big boobs another partner for her new video…

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Shauna Sand Nude Ass Absolutely nude Shauna Sand prepares herself for performance of her lifetime which will be seen by millions. She takes a shower and does a make-up then follows into the main bedroom where lights are on and cameras are about to start rolling. Click here to enjoy the final video of this dirty Playboy blonde with fake boobs getting pounded by young stud Lorenzo into her small ass and tight pussy…

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Naughty milf Shauna Sand reminds us of the 90s with her nicely tanned body and triangles over her big boobs. It is rarely you now see someone with a tan lines like that, but back then when conservative women kept their bikinis on while in public it was extremely popular. It was hot too as the only people to get such a view would be husbands and boyfriends…

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Shauna Sand Nude

Shauna Sand Nude Former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand gets a new body and face. She appeared on pages of Playboy magazine back in 90s then nothing has been heard from her for almost a decade. With technology development and appearance of Internet which brought popularity to many celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, who used the Global Network to spread their explicit footage including sex tapes, Shauna Sand recently appeared in public again looking better than before. A few paparazzi photos, her nipple and upskirt shots, surfaced earlier this year. And now there is a chance of Shauna Sand Sex Tape will be made public after her court case gets settled down…

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Another upskirt of Shauna Sand which she presented earlier this year when she started to remind the world about her persona. Little did we know that her Sex Tape was coming and it was all part of marketing trick used by other celebs before her…

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This is a part of the same scene in which Shauna Sand goes full house and flashes both her nipple and pussy. And somehow her shaved crotch presents a more delighted sight than this ugly fake nipple. It looks like she has fixed it by the time her Sex Tape has been filmed, where her nips look nice and rounded…

Shauna Sand Nip Slip

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Shauna Sand Sex Tape Almost a week has passed after previews of Shauna Sex Tape has been released. Now it is listed as ‘delayed for legal reasons’. What’s wrong with you, blonde girl? There is absolutely no reason and little chance in fight with production company, especially as big as Vivid. Besides, we have already seen her nude before. It’s not like she is trying to hide something from us. “For now she wins nothing except additional media attention…” Celebrity Porn blog suggests. Many celebs such as Kim Kardashian has already proved what a sex tape released online might bring to its performer: contracts from media companies, magazines and you will also be able to create your own line of clothing. So there is just a marketing spin to get more people interested which will last for some more time now, before Shauna Sex Tape gets released.
Update: Tape Is Officially Released And Available For Downloading!

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There goes Shauna Sand no panties upskirt resulting from great acrobatic stunt performed in her new boyfriend’s coupe. Surely, there was no other way to park a car or there was no opportunity for paparazzis to take a good shot on her shaved pussy, she might have thought and decided to get out trough the other side of the car…

Shauna Sand Pussy Flash

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Shauna Sand Upskirt Picture Not the sexiest picture of Shauna Sand but the most recent one with her panty upskirt. She has been spotted at some social event where she arrived in her car to give this leg spread to a dozen of paparazzis’ cameras. Pity she has her panties on this time.
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